Wild Rose Newsletter March 2023

Posted on March 28th, 2023

Maintaining a positive outlook in later life can have significant benefits for our health and well-being. There have even been Ivy League university studies proving that a happy attitude about ageing could lower risk for conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, as well as loneliness and depression.

Here are five steps seniors can take to cultivate positivity and improve their overall health:

  1. Practice gratitude: One way to foster positivity is by focusing on the good things in life. Take time each day to reflect on what you're thankful for, whether it's a supportive friend or a beautiful sunset. Keeping a gratitude journal can help you remember and appreciate these blessings.

  2. Stay connected: Social connections are essential for seniors' mental and emotional health. Make an effort to stay in touch with friends and family, whether it's through phone calls, video chats, or in-person visits. At every Optima Living community, we encourage as much social time with loved ones as possible.

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Open House

On April 22nd from 1:00 - 4:00 pm, come visit us at Wild Rose for an Open House! Learn more about our wonderful activities, meet our staff, and experience the warmth of our community.

The outside of Wild Rose in the wintertime. A senior is walking her two dogs.
A plate of food. On the plate there is fries, tomatoes, and some sandwiches.
Some of the furniture in a suite at Wild Rose. There is a couch, coffee table, and multiple chairs.
Two seniors seated together enjoying a meal.

Optima Living TV Episode 6

Optima Living Principal Ali Shivji speaks with RCMP Constable Chantelle Kelly about the scams that are targeted at seniors, and how to avoid them.

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St. Patrick's Day

We had a blast on St. Patrick's Day! We had fun green drinks, silly costumes, and some yummy snacks. Our community loved this event!

Two women dressed up in St. Patrick's Day gear with large green beards and hats.

Pancake Day

Tasty looking pancakes on a plate with fruit.

We will take any opportunity to celebrate. What better way to celebrate National Pancake Day than with a gorgeous stack of flapjacks!

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Furniture in a suite
A table and chairs in a suite with natural light pouring through the windows.
Calm and decorated suite full of beautiful furniture